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MVSc-Revised Syllabi & Regulations 2017

Credit requirements

The M.V.Sc. programme shall have one-year (two semesters) course work followed by one-year thesis work.
Course credits                        :           40
Research (Thesis) credits     :           20
Total credits                           :           60
Distribution of credits
The requirement of total course credits shall consist of 28 credits in major field, 11 in minor & supporting fields and 1 for seminar (major field).
Credit load
A candidate shall be allowed to register for a maximum of 18 credits excluding non-credit courses in a semester. However, for enabling marginal adjustments, the student may register two extra credits (a total of 20) in a semester with the permission of the Dean.
A student of Master’s Degree shall be required to give one seminar of one credit in major field.
Residential requirements
Minimum residential requirement for M.V.Sc degree programme is four semesters and the maximum limit for completion of M.V.Sc. programme is four years (inclusive of duration of discontinuation, if any). If a student fails to complete his/her Master’s programme with in the maximum time limit prescribed, his/her admission shall stand cancelled.
The student is required to have an attendance of at least 85% of total classes in each course. The Dean may condone a shortage of up to 10% of attendance on valid grounds. If any student fails short of the required attendance he/she will not be permitted to appear in the University examinations.
Evaluation and Examinations
Evaluation of a student in each course is based on Internal and External Examinations with equal weightage. The students registering for a particular course shall take all the examinations  conducted during the semester.
Internal Examinations
The internal examination in theory consists of one mid-term examination of 30 marks and a seminar or assignments carrying 20 marks.  It shall be the responsibility of the concerned Head of the Department to ensure proper conduct of all internal evaluations in all the courses offered by that Department.1). The internal practical examination will be conducted at the end of the semester for 100 marks comprising 70 marks for practicals, 20 marks for practical assignments / records and 10 marks for Viva-voce.  Submission of records / assignments and attendance in viva-voce examination are compulsory. The HOD in consultation with the course teacher will prepare the schedule of the examinations during the semester.  
The answer scripts of all the internal examinations will be shown to the students after evaluation. The concerned HOD will retain the answer scripts for a minimum period of two years after the student completes the degree programme.
External Examinations
The external examination in each course will be conducted in theory after the end of the semester and the external examiner will evaluate the theory papers for all the courses offered by one department including major and minor fields of study. The external examination for each course in theory will consist of one paper for 100 marks comprising subjective questions for 3-hour duration. The external practical examination for 100 marks (80 marks for practical, 10 marks for records and 10 marks for viva-voce) will be conducted with one internal and one external examiner nominated by the Controller of Examinations, Pondicherry University
Comprehensive Examinations
The comprehensive examination should be conducted after the completion of 75% of the course work in major subject (proportionately covering those courses) by obtaining the question paper from an external examiner by the Pondicherry University. The comprehensive written examination in major subject will be for 100 marks comprising subjective questions for 3-hour duration. The answer scripts will be evaluated internally and reported to the University. A student must get at least 60 % of marks in the written comprehensive examination and will be graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. In case a student fails to get satisfactory result he or she may be asked to reappear for the comprehensive examination one month after the declaration of the result. It shall be the responsibility of the Head of the Department to ensure proper conduct of comprehensive examination for all the students in the concerned Department
Minimum Marks for Pass
If a candidate fails in any course in aggregate of theory and practical with GP of less than 6.00, he/she should reappear for all the examinations in theory and practical (internal and external) in that course conducted in the ensuing semester. The Pondicherry University will declare the results of the examinations and the results will be communicated to the college
Research Problem

On successful completion of 75% of the Course work in the Major Subject, the student can register eligible research credits in the subsequent semester. The Chairman in consultation with the members of the advisory committee shall identify the topic of research project and submit the Synopsis of the proposed Research Project in prescribed format to the Dean for approval. He/she will also present a seminar on the proposed work to the faculty of the college including the members of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of the college. Based on the recommendations of the RAC the Dean will accord the approval to the synopsis. Subsequent change(s) if any in the synopsis need to be approved by the Dean on the recommendation of the RAC. The student will carry out the research work as per the approved synopsis under the supervision and guidance of the Advisory Committee. Approval of the synopsis: The synopsis approval must be accomplished in the semester in which the registration of the research credits started. The time between submission of synopsis and thesis shall be at least one semester

Preparation and submission of thesis
On successful completion of the research credits and research work to the satisfaction of the advisory committee, the candidate will present a seminar on the research work before the faculty members. After incorporating the necessary suggestions in consultation with the Advisory Committee, the candidate will submit three draft copies of the thesis and the approved synopsis to the Dean along with a certificate in the prescribed proforma duly signed by the advisory committee. Three copies of thesis abstract of not more than 300 words shall also be submitted along with the thesis. The student is permitted to submit his or her thesis within 30 calendar days after the closure of the semester failing which he/she has to register in the concerned semester by paying a registration fee of Rs. 5000/- with 0 credits. If he/she fails to submit the thesis in that semester too, the student has to register in the subsequent semester by paying the balance amount of the Annual fee with 0 credits.
Evaluation of the thesis
Recommendation of the Examiner:    In case the external examiner recommends for the acceptance of the thesis with remarks as ” HIGHLY COMMENDED OR COMMENDED,” the report will be forwarded to the concerned Head of the Department for conduct of the Vive voce examination. The student shall submit six final bound copies of the thesis to the HOD who in turn will arrange for conduct of final viva-voce examination by inviting the external examiner who evaluated the thesis. The viva voce will be conducted by the external examiner, HOD and the members of the Advisory Committee. A certificate regarding the performance of the candidate in final viva-voce examination on the thesis in the prescribed form, duly signed by all the members of the Advisory committee and the external examiner shall be forwarded to the Dean by the concerned HOD. The result of the examination should clearly indicate the performance of the student either as ” SATISFACTORY” or “UNSATISFACTORY” and the same will be communicated to the University for the declaration of the result.
If the performance of the candidate in the viva voce examination is “UNSATISFACTORY”, he/she may be asked to take the viva voce examination after a lapse of at least 30 days after the declaration of the result of the final viva voce examination. If his/her performance in the second viva voce is UNSATISFACTORY, he/she will be asked to revise the research programme by re-registering the research credits.
If the external examiner does not recommend for the award of the degree with the comments to revise and resubmit the thesis, the concerned HOD in consultation with the members of the Student Advisory Committee may arrange for incorporating the suggestions given by the external examiner and resubmit the thesis to the University to arrange for evaluation.
If the external examiner rejects the thesis, the University may send the thesis to the second examiner from the panel of examiners for evaluation. If the second examiner recommends for the award of the degree, the report will be forwarded to the concerned HOD to arrange for conduct of viva voce examination. In case the second external examiner also rejects the thesis, the candidate will have to re-register the research credits and carry out the research work afresh.
A candidate shall not be permitted to submit his / her thesis for more than two occasions.
Grading & Transcript
The University will award the grades to the students on a 10-point scale. A grade report / Transcript for each semester will be issued by the University during the subsequent semester. The University will issue a final transcript indicating the courses, credits and OGPA after the successful completion of all the courses and thesis viva voce examination.
Eligibility for Degree
A candidate is eligible for the award of M.V.Sc. degree after successful completion of the prescribed course and research credits including final viva voce examination. Candidate securing an OGPA of 7.5 and above and completing the courses, and final thesis examination satisfactorily in the first attempt will be awarded degree in FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION. Candidate securing an OGPA ranging from 6.00 to 7.49 and completing the courses, and final thesis examination satisfactorily in the first attempt will be awarded degree in FIRST CLASS. All the other passed candidates will be placed in SECOND CLASS.
Award of M.V.Sc. Degree
A degree certificate under the seal of Pondicherry University signed by the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor of the University shall be presented to the candidate on successful completion of the requirements for the award of degree.
Temporary discontinuation and resumption of studies
If a student wants to discontinue his/her studies temporarily or take a long leave, he/she may do so after successful completion of course credits with the prior approval of the Dean. Discontinuation before successful completion of course credits shall result in cancellation of admission. The discontinuation is allowed only once in the M.V.Sc. degree programme. However, the maximum time limit prescribed for the completion of Master’s Programme shall remain unchanged. The M.V.Sc. student should not be on the active rolls of employment in Government or University or any private or public undertakings during the study period.