(Formerly Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)
Government of Puducherry Institution - Affiliated to Pondicherry University
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Prof. S. Ramkumar
M.V.Sc., Ph.D.,(UK)

2018: An year of reinventing the wheel of progress

For RIVER, 2018 was an year of involvement, participation and consolidation of efforts to renovate this institution to meet the challenges of present day ‘Veterinary education', ‘Campus development' and ‘Community reach' through innovation of relevance.

As a unique veterinary institution committed to quality veterinary education, the primary focus is on moulding ‘citizen- vets' with overall abilities on ‘day one competencies', ‘enliving on ethics’, driven by passion for the profession and is community/ service oriented.

The efforts are much enlivened when the faculty, staff, students, the chairman PVCS, Government of Puducherry, Pondicherry University, VCI and all could help us in the endeavour of ‘student-first and best’. The Graduation Day, intake of 80 students under MSVE 2016, farmers training that ended up in meaningful loan from banks, Summer camps for school children, streamlining of examinations to results, 24 X 7 farmer advisory services through mobile phone, quality enhancement in infrastructure for teaching hospital... are few examples. The RIVER Diary 2018 gives a glimpse of the main activities as we start the year 2019. There is lot to be done to ensure that this institution focuses more on the ‘present’ to ‘future’; than on the balance sheet of past on which we do not have a say or hold now.

Let us all be part of this process as was over the last year. Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019 that helps you professionally, personally and socially.

Best wishes for the students to achieve what they dream and do.